I had a wonderful birthday. Starting Friday night I ate a wonderful dinner around a campfire with the family. We cooked corn and apples in the coals, potatoes and brisket finishing out the meal.
  The next day – my actual birthday – we went on a hike and picked dewberries! Ate pizza here at the house, opened gifts and looked at some of my scrapbooks. For our afternoon entertainment Brian beat dad at racket ball and mom at pool. Meanwhile I talked with Brian (the brother) and Stacie on the phone then took racket ball lessons from dad.

We drove in to Tyler and ate at Johnny Carino’s – I wanted Brian to see the cooks at work, quite fascinating.
After the family left Brian took me to the rose garden and we walked among the beautiful bushes.

Brian liked these roses.

We found a baby bird that couldn’t quite fly yet I caught it and it’s little protest alerted it’s nearby mother who attacked Brian – much to my amusement.
 We continued to walk through the bushes (I liked to find the ones that smelled really good) talking and admiring the fountains and ponds. Dusk closed in on us and a few frogs came out to share the path with us. The whole thing was very romantic and I very much enjoyed my first birthday as a married woman.

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