They saying goes: April showers bring May flowers (months being
arbitrary) but the question remains, what do May flowers bring? I now
have the answer:

                                         Poison Ivy!!!!

Having a rather bad case of it I scrounged up all the “treatment” we had in our apartment (and a surprisingly good amount of it too). Someone lent me itch cream and Brian had to go on a late night run for Benadryl, (my hero!) but otherwise we had what was needed.

Some may wonder, why the bandages? Well, when you get it this bad, extreme measures have to be taken (those who have ever experienced it will agree with me).

Of course, there are many sympathetic individuals who have felt the discomfort of their bodies being wracked with poison ivy and offer their home remdies – two of which I’ve tried:

Bleach worked fairly well and wasn’t bad on all the little spots on my stomach, but did it ever burn when I treated the big spot on my neck! After a day of bleach treatment (where I smelled like a swimming pool) a fellow sufferer recommended a new concoction: 1/4 itch relief (like benadryl gel) mixed with 3/4 liquid malox or pepto bismol. This is supposed to dry the rash up and keep it from spreading. The only drawback is that the pepto bismol mixture stains pink – skin, clothes, sheets ect. That, and now I smell minty – there could be worse problems though, so I’m not complaining. We merely made adequate adjustments like using our maroon sheet instead of the cream colored one, and I wear only dark colored, v-neck shirts.
  I guess the best part of all is my explanation of how I managed to contract poison ivy; it was from…
                                        …..Kissing in the flowers.

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