Have you ever wished you had a maid?
Normally I enjoy keeping my little house clean but yesterday I got discouraged by a mess…

  I was very hungry all morning and since lunch was less than sustaining, I went home to make a chocolate banana milkshake. After making it, I showed incredible responsibility by cleaning up all my mess before I even so much as sipped my drink. Finally finished, I was on my way out into the living room to sit down and enjoy it when somehow the whole thing flew out of my hand and splattered across the carpet!

And when I say “across the carpet”, I mean it! The whole mess reached all the way to that table in the right hand corner!

In fact, I measured it and it was two “Amy’s” long. (blonde unit of measurement)

Here’s a close up of the main splat.
    I sat stunned for a minute before I picked up my nearly empty glass; only one inch of shake was left in the bottom so I gulped it down before anything else could happen. I cleaned up some, but there were still two brown streaks across the carpet and I wasn’t sure what else to do to get it out. By the time I gave up, I didn’t really feel like making another shake, so I just went about my day until Brian came home.

What a hero! He said all the mess needed was a scrub brush and some good ‘ol elbow grease (of which he has plenty).

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