I worked at the front desk this morning answering incoming calls. I’m helping out two mornings a week during the time when some of the staff are gone. Things are rather slow because this is the down time for ALERT, when all the guys are gone and no events are taking place.
I’m quickly finding out that this job is not exactly my area of “expertise”. I sit here waiting for that next scary phone call where someone may ask for something that I don’t know anything about.
Great. The phone just rang and the familiar feeling of trepidation caused my heart to beat a little faster…

Amy:   International ALERT Academy, how may I direct your call?
Lady: Yes, I was calling about housing for the conference in May
Amy: (ha, I know how to handle this one) We are opening for registration on Jan. 15 th .
Lady: Yes, that was the date I needed. Do you know the pricing on the rooms?
Amy: (Great, she wasn’t supposed to ask any more questions..tempted to say “that information won’t be available until the 15th”) Um, I’m not sure on that but I believe they rent the rooms for around $60.00
Lady: Okay, but what about those little cabins that sleep three people?
Amy: (will this lady never give up? Who does she think I am, the great Oz?) I’m not sure on that ma’am and our registrar is out for the holidays..hence the fact that we won’t being taking registration until the 15 th .
Lady: But I can call and find out about pricing before then, right?
Amy: (making things up out of thin air) I’m sure you can, most likely they will be set and you can call in January for that information (when I will definitely not be at the front desk).
Lady: Okay, thank you .
Amy: (sets phone down and attempts to recover shaky nerves and restore mental function after having to think so fast under such stress.)

Boy, too much more of this and I’m going to have a meltdown. Maybe I should try a different apartment….

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