In honor of the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving, I’m going to post a little about cooking here in my new house.
I’m happy as a lab in water in my little kitchen and have utilized just about every dish and utensil that I have. The pots work great and I love the knives – they’re so sharp!

Things are cooking…..

Making lasagna right now. Have you ever made one in a loaf pan before? It was the only thing I could think of that was small enough to be for two people!
The big one is for guests.

Next I broke in my new mixer with a good batch of ginger snaps!

Ahh…the kitchen has now been properly christened.

Of course, after I’m done in the kitchen there’s usually a LOT of dishes! (As my family may well remember)

Fortunately I have a great dish washer! (It came with the apartment).

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