This weekend had a first for me – I played paintball!

Here’s the whole crew at the end of the war – only one
The Owens were down for a visit so Daniel, Sarah and Bekah played. Then there
was Andrew, Michael and Brian as the older, more experienced ALERT paintball
players. And our family contributed three additional players – Amy, Timothy and
David (not pictured).

Brian and I are ready to rumble! I had a Red
Bull in my system and could hardly contain myself while we waited for everyone
to get all their gear together. We played one round on the trails that my
brothers made a while back – I think Andrew had the worst luck on that round
when he got “treed”.

Bekah and I covered each others back in the “take the
fort” game. Brian and Andrew stationed themselves in the tree fort and the
rest of us tried to storm it. I had the bright idea of climbing on the porch of
the fort but once I was up there I realized my danger when they opened the door
and we unloaded our guns at point blank range. I wanted to know how we could
win but the guys wouldn’t answer and it was basically shoot until you’re
out of CO2 or paint. I think I have the most bruises from that round.

Here is Connor – he wants to play with daddy. Maybe in a few

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