Great weekend! Of course, time with Brian was the highlight but we did a lot of neat things – together of course .
First was a wedding shower, then an unexpected but thoroughly fun trip
to Six Flags!!! Monday found us shopping for a suit coat for Brian (he
looks pretty snazy in one too).
 Coming home tuesday I found my room totally trashed – furniture
piled high and all sorts of stuff from the flooding of the girls and
parents room. I dug through all of that and now have a little space for
me and my stuff again. I think this may be a hint to hurry me on out of
the house – Brian’s family pulled a similar move on him to get all of
his “junk” out of their house .
  Today I’ve been hard at work. Haven’t made much of a dent in the
68 thank you notes I have to write after the shower, but I’ve made some
amazing progress on my quilt. I’ve already cut out and pieced seven
squares today  and I’m hoping to get the last four done before bed
tonight. Brian will be so proud!
Other activites of the day include trying on my wedding gown multiple
times as Lori altered it for me – this was funny because she’s taking
it in and we were dicussing whether or not it fit around the waist and
if she should take it up a bit more, I said “either that or I could eat
more, break out the ice cream, I need to fit into my wedding dress!”
 I also baked bread and made the whole house smell good when the
insurance adjuster was here. This afternon I was helping David make
pizza and he said, “we sure will miss you Amy, you make good pizza”.
Well, loss for some will be gain to another

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