Brian had to work long yesterday and some of today so that meant I wouldn’t be able to see him until Saturday afternoon! *gasp* What was I going to do all of Friday evening?
I set a plan in motion and drove up to ALERT yesterday and surprised
Brian at work. I arrived a little before five and he showed me around
his office and the main computer room in the basement. He explained a
lot of what they were doing; what I got out of it was they were
building and hooking up three new routers to replace two old ones, then
they had to switch everything on the network over to the new routers.
This meant a lot of small detail work typing in new coding for each
computer/printer/ect. that needed access to the main network. That may
not be entirely correct, but that’s what I understood.
  Anyhow, I somehow managed to drag Brian away from his job by my powerful magnetic personality
and we ate dinner with some of his ALERT buddies. All to quick it was
time for him to go back to work and me to continue on to his parents
house, where I am now anxiously awaiting his coming.
  To help pass the time, Benj (the little brother) and I went out
on a photo shoot this morning – got some really neat stuff. I may post
a few samples later.

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