Okay, now I’m on wireless and the pictures had better work.

   I’m Back! From five intensive weeks to
which only the hardcore need to apply. (Which makes me wonder why
this is my fourth running year)
   This special report is to try and give
you a taste of what went on during this time of no contact with the
outside world (namely those on xanga). Readers, I give you STEP.
First off I will introduce the
leadership: Sharon and Jana

They had the phones so they made all
the calls. (okay that was bad, I know)

Recruited out of previous graduates
came myself, Tara and another Amy. We were each given the
responsibility of commanding somewhere around 28 girls.

To carry out this phenomenal task we
were each issued two assistants which headed the girls up in teams.
My two assignments were Catherine and Kim – two unassuming names
hiding personalities of intense loyalty and martyrdom…uh, I mean

The first two weeks proved difficult as
we all worked out our differences. Sometimes I think they believed
STEP stood for Special Tactics Involving Problems. I had to resort to
my fail proof way of handling problems.

Once proper respect had been
established things started going better. I found that each girl was
unique and that fact was even reflected in their breakfasts!

The girls meet all challenges


They learned to be content with a
little…or a lot.


We even taught them home making and
cooking to keep the feminine aspect. (At least they’ll know how to
boil water when they get married).


And I think they even came to like me.

But there was still quite the line up
for the s’mores.

When all was said and done I came back
with everyone I started out with and I’m proud to say that they finished strong.

My group – STEP 2006

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