And the winner is……………….

The Sherrods!

Last night Daniel, Rebekah, Sarah, Anna and Michael came to our house
to partake of our extensive selection of ice cream. With that kind of
decision put before you it is hard to choose just one; “so many
flavors, such little bowls”. Consequently we packed our dishes with
such combinations as cookies and cream, kings cake, cinnamon, cake of 3
milks, and birthday cake, truly a sight to behold and a delight to

Adequately primed, we spent the rest of the evening playing “Imagine
If” and “Apples to Apples”. Little did our unsuspecting guests know,
but we use the ice cream to lure them into a state of unsuspecting so
that we are able to find out there deepest secrets. Daniel secretly
wishes to be a diamond ring but has problems selling himself; Rebekah
on the other hand, “pumps iron” to improve her “hug” and some inference
to her habits with a “blow dryer” were thrown in confirming her in our
minds as “differently interesting”; Sarah put out the notion that
penguins are courageous and Timothy liked it, thus giving a whole new
definition to the word.

Good times with good friends, I think God for the community of Christians in which He has placed us.

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