Last double digit!

    Hearing Tom Harmon speak yesterday was a great thing, he is always so
honest and real to life. One of his points was very interesting to me,
because it had to do with ice cream. You may not have heard it but I
think my ears are tuned a little different. He was talking about
Abraham and Sarah and how they had tried to “help” God out with what
needed to be done. Fact of the matter is, I had done that very same
thing with ice cream just last week. See, Kim has given me free access
to her personal ice cream stash any time I want, but wanting the Lord
to work, I normally wait until it is offered, letting God bring it to
their minds instead of me and so far He has provided in other ways.
    Well last week I was getting worried as the week drew to a close
(though why I’m not sure, God has been faithful since the beginning of
Feb.). I was in the kitchen after dinner to sample the eclairs from
the cooking course and I hinted about ice cream, Kim said it was there
if I wanted it, but then she walked off. Ignoring a familiar little
voice, I headed off to the freezer and brought some out. Well, I had
dish pit, so I fixed a little bowl of cake and ice cream then put it
back in the freezer until after we had finished. While I was bending
over the sink, scrubbing dishes and sweating, the Lord started talking
to me, telling me to give up the ice cream because it was gained in my
own strength and not His. As I looked at the situation I realized that
I was pretty bad off; I had already had some sweets so I wasn’t really
hungry for ice cream, I was eating just because I felt like I had to,
and it was off-brand vanilla, my very least favorite. That’s all my
self effort could muster, a poor representation of the idea that I
wouldn’t even enjoy. I know my God could do so much better. So I threw
it away. That was the first week that I have not eaten ice cream since
the start of this year, but it’s okay. Just as Abraham had to put aside
Ishmael for God’s better fulfillment, so I had to put away my own
efforts and will wait for God’s richer blessings.

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