The countdown continues!

Friday I walked out of the testing
center for the last time – again. This is the third time I have
come out thinking that I would never set foot in there again.
Thursday I found out that I needed to come up with one more credit
somehow and many options were presented, but the underlying outcome
was the same, here was yet another thing standing in the way of being
done. This has seemed to happen a lot, just when I think everything
is set and ready, some new qualification comes along and messes up my
schedule. I can’t complain though, each time I was frustrated and
wrestled with what to do. Each time I purposed to keep plowing ahead
and complete the task the Lord set before me, and each time, when the
dust settled, it came out for the better, leaving me less work to do
when I got home.

As as prayed over this newest
“setback”, I felt God prompting me to take the course of action
that would speed me up even more. This required a little faith
because I felt that He wanted me to take a test the next day. Friday
morning I took a practice test, sort of a fleece to see if I could do
it, and then asked our test administrator if I could test at one.
Everything worked out and I walked into a test without specifically
studying for it. I walked out with six more credits, and confidence
in the direction God was pointing me.

has his hand so largely on my life it’s kind of scary, but wonderful at
the same time. I have been worrying about what to do when I get home,
but honestly if God will bless me with a test I didn’t study for, that
speaks volumes to me on the course He wants me to take. All in all,
it’s been an adventure in learning to trust.

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