Seems that word has gotten around about our little incident…uhm
accident…this weekend. I wrote a humorous account of the whole trip
which I’ll probably post tomorrow but for now I just want to give the
specifics and praise the Lord.
It happened this way, we were at a red light and going to turn right;
the car behind us thought we had gone and looking to the left to check
for other traffic revved her car right into the back of ours. That’s
pretty much it.
One interesting thing was she commented once or twice about, was how
well we were taking the whole thing and that I wasn’t upset or
anything. There was nothing really to be mad about, it happened, I just
felt badly for her and was trying to make her feel a little better by
kind of talking and joking a little bit.
Anyhow, the next morning I was reading in Ecclesiastes and you know how
it’s about the vanity of all things (including cars) and one verse just
struck me: There is nothing better for man to do than to rejoice and to
do good in his life. I didn’t need to be upset at the turns that life
took, it’s just life, I could rejoice that we were not hurt and that
the car still worked, and that it wasn’t my insurance, and then do good
to that lady and encourage her.

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