I can truly say God is good! The walk to and from the park was great!!! It was the first exercise I have had in three days! Without that, you might have been reading a different post.

Pictured on the left is my bestest brother, Brian. I wanted to post an excerpt of his email  that was sent in response to my informing him of my recent injury:

Well, well, well!  -  This is simply outrageous! For 16 years I’ve protected you as best I could from injury and here he goes breaking your rib when I’m not there to intimidate
him! Who does he think he is, beating on my sister?

Isn’t he great?! You can see that he is already well prepared to take on any potential threat. :)

Thank you to all my brothers – and sisters – in Christ who protected me from myself, by not letting me play soccer today. One game missed isn’t too bad, even if Stacie is rubbing it in by saying how tired she is :) Oh well, God’s been at work so I can’t complain! Blessings upon all of you!

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