Things are still a bit shaky but today my heart was glad, praise God I can’t stay down long, it’s just not in my nature. I feel sort of like that story about a man who tried to please everyone but couldn’t. It’s tough to have conflicting sources of expectations, in sociology (which I just studied) they call it role conflict. First there’s my dad, then Mr. Shoemaker, then my ummm…”advisor” or whatever you want to call them, then there’s also my own self adding in it’s two cents.

What do I do when faced with all of these different sources? I go for the other source, my ultimate advisor, I must fulfill God’s expectations for me. Of course His expectation may be a bit different than the others, adding yet one more point of view. Will I suffer? Maybe, probably not physically, but in other ways. If I lose the approval of, or my good standing with others what does that matter. Jesus didn’t always meet the approval of others, many hated Him but He always did the will of His Father. God give me the knowledge and grace to do just that!

Here’s a thought that makes me happy through it all – the “comforter” has come. The Holy Spirit dwells in me. Hooray for John 15!

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