God knows what we have need of even if we don’t.

After working all week until Thursday and then staying out late at a Christmas presentation that night, dad told me to rest up the next day. (I was staying home Christmas Eve to help mom cook and clean) Well being my normal self I couldn’t imagine sleeping in and messing up my while morning routine so I planned to get up early just like always. One problem, somewhere between getting ready for bed and actually getting in bed I had lost my watch which I use for an alarm. After searching around a bit I was too tired to care anymore and decided to just sleep in until my sister’s alarm went off at six.

For the rest of that weekend I couldn’t find my watch and I continued to get a little extra rest each morning, once I slept all the way until seven! I felt rested, and had high spirits all weekend.  I even started coming down with a cold (the first time I’ve been sick since before I left for college) so it was good to give my body a break.

Finally, on Sunday night I knew that I needed to go to work the next morning. If I wanted to jog and read my Bible before going I would have to get up at my regular time. I set up to use my sister’s alarm and then reset it for her, but I really wanted my watch back. Finally I stopped and prayed, I thanked the Lord for the rest that weekend and then asked Him to please put the watch back where I could find it. I went the bathroom and started looking again and there in my little sisters pajama drawer was my watch! It must have fallen off of the counter and been in there all weekend.

I thanked God not only for the watch but also for His care of me. He also made sure that I obeyed my dad when I thought I would do things my own way instead of listening to him. I’m so glad that I have two Fathers watching over me.

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