Ivy’s birthday was coming up and we planned to take a family trip to play in a river. However, the┬álatest COVID crackdown closed the areas we had planned to enjoy. This left us without a plan just a few days before her birthday. Perfect for a surprise! Since she didn’t expect a replacement plan that fast, we were able to catch her totally off guard!

We sent her over to visit the cousins next door and then siblings, grandma and Aunt pitched in to put up decorations and get everything ready. At the appointed time we were ready and hiding:



I had planned an art themed party. My mom had made white cupcakes which were like a blank canvas, ready to decorate with a “paint palette” of icing and sprinkles.


Ivy, the brand new 11 year old.

Ryder enjoys the occasion.


After cake and presents the little ones went down for naps or off to play while the older girls watched an instructional video to produce a painting. They enjoyed the fellowship so much it was hard to get them back to each stage of the video. :-)


The finished project!

What fun to celebrate a daughter on her special day!

One response to “Surprise!”

  1. Jack Paslay

    What a nice surprise birthday party for your beautiful 11-year old daughter.

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