Happy Birthday!

Skye Kristine is 1 year old today!


Skye is a happy, content little baby – a joy to have around!

Even though it seems she might be lost in the hubbub, being part of a big family is a bonus for this little one. The older kids love her and dote on her, gathering  around as I bring her out from a nap and competing for a smile. I love the look on her face as she basks in their attention.

Skye also knows how to speak up for herself and gain attention.

Due to the current rhythm of our family, I was able to spend time with just her in the early mornings before the others awoke. She developed like a classic baby, and I  got to watch and delight in each new skill in a way I haven’t done since my first born.


She loves to be outside and clearly doesn’t mind the dirt. She takes two good naps, refused the pacifier until 11 mo. and now wants it to go to sleep.  Like Flora, Skye has a very slight build which makes her easy to pick up and take along on all our adventures.


She loves to watch and is pretty quick to catch on and try out a new skill. She has 3 teeth, feeds herself quite well, likes fruit, beans and certain veggies. She knows a few signs and uses them along with sounds that are close to the word so I’m thinking she’ll talk soon.

A few quirks that make her unique:

She learned to crawl normally then somewhere along the way it morphed into the funny sit and scoot.


Unlike the other children, she dislikes eggs and bath time.


We just penned a goat outside her bedroom and every time she wakes up she points to the window and chuckles when I let her look out and say hi.

She also used a push toy to walk more than most of the others and got quite good at maneuvering around. She now walks on her own but still loves to push the baby doll stroller.


We all love this little one but she is growing up fast and is not a baby anymore!

Happy Birthday Skye; may the Lord bless you with a joyful heart that reaches out and touches others with His goodness and life.

4 responses to “Happy Birthday!”

  1. Gale Permenter

    Happy Birthday, Skye!!
    Wait, is she going to be a big sister?!

  2. Lori

    Such a cutie! Happy Birthday, Skye!

  3. anne jones

    Happy BIrthday, Cutie!

  4. Laura Pierce

    Happy Birthday, Skye!

    So, is that last picture a subtle announcement? :)

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