A happy boy

Lance got an excitingly big box in the mail yesterday – a birthday present from his Nana!


Some assembly was required but easily done with many assistants.

I described how this could be used to sort his collections….


Didn’t know an 8 year old boy could be so excited about a set of drawers!


The oldest three got to stay up past bedtime to begin sorting through treasure.


This is something that needed to be done very badly. We called a halt after an hour but I expect Lance to be happily occupied through the next few days of rainy weather. Thanks Nana!

3 responses to “A happy boy”

  1. Lori

    I love it! Uncle Dude needed one of those too.

  2. anne jones

    Great kid!

  3. Katie

    What a perfect gift! I love seeing the excitement on their faces!

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