Pretty Pink Princess

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Would you look at these two lovely ladies? They have many things in common: They both love pink, like to play princess and turned 3 in November! Combine these and you get a party that is all girl!

pics 038

Lady Ivy all dressed up!

pics 024

Princess Flora, wearing no less than 3 skirts – I think it must lend to the princess status to have all your favorites on at once. That or you couldn’t make up your mind which to wear…

pics 123

Baby beauty Eden – such a delight of lace, curls and chubby smiles.

pics 011

And just in case a dragon decided to crash the party, we hired the brave knight, Sir Lance, to protect the damsels.

    pics 048

The fair maidens in attendance.

pics 064

We played pin the crown on the princess…

pics 070

Had a courtly dance – where Lance showed his knightly manners and acquiesced to dance with the birthday sister but turned his helmet to cover his face after the first few steps (secretly I think he was only here for the cake).

pics 085

We also played “princess, princess, dragon” but when Jenny got to Lance, she couldn’t bring herself to call him a princess so after hesitating dubbed him “dragon” and then led the merry chase around the circle.

pics 111

Doing their best princess pose with the cake. Jenny wanted a cake with a crown on it and Flora wanted cupcakes so we were able to strike a happy deal with both. pics 117 

What fun, beautiful girls! I’m so glad they bring reminders of femininity and girlish delight to our lives. We pray that they will be true princesses by becoming children of the King. And rather than sporting a self-centered ‘diva’ attitude, that they would put on the character of royalty through service, grace and inner beauty.

Happy birthday precious girls!!

7 responses to “Pretty Pink Princess”

  1. Melissa


  2. Lindsey

    Just precious!!!!

  3. Carol

    So precious. Brings back memories of our precious princess parties.

  4. Anne

    Wonderful blessings! And they were so coy about looking into the camera. Love it!

  5. Lori

    Jenny had a blast! The only sad part of her day was leaving :)

  6. Stacie

    Thank you so much for posting. Wow! What girly girls the twin cousins turned out to be.

  7. Jack Paslay

    A bevy of beautiful girls.

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