For my children

We had big trucks and lots of fun yesterday! However, my children were not there to witness the excitement. They are at grandma’s for the week while we work hard to finish things up. So this post is for them, so they don’t miss out on what is happening!

Lance, Ivy and Flora – yesterday some men came to pour cement for our garage!

pics 086

The big truck backed up and poured all the gray, sloppy cement into the forms with the metal bars and wires that could poke you – remember how we had to stay out so we wouldn’t get hurt?

pics 091

Cousins Jenny and Greg came to watch along with most of your aunts and uncles. This was exciting stuff! Mommy wished you could be there to watch too.

pics 094

This man has been finishing concrete for 50 years – started when he was 17. The machine he’s using looks like a fan that spins on the concrete.

pics 101

There was a little extra so we made a pad for our front steps. Nobody could walk on it until it was dry.

I made a movie of everything that happened so you could see it too!

I love you all – have fun with Nana!

One response to “For my children”

  1. Jack Paslay

    If the kids see this blog, they may want to come right home. Too bad they weren’t there to record their hand prints for posterity.

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