Life goes on….

Dear reading audience, I know that you eagerly await each posting and must have been puzzled by the seeming drought of any cute pictures or stories for the last month. This was due to a big move on my part – from windows to Linux (Fedora and Gnome 3 whatever that means). My dearest husband has been itching to switch me over for a long time and finally made the jump in order for me to try my hand at digital scrap booking (using freeware). The rebuilding has taken time as Brian wrote code and played with various applications and desktop versions, trying to get all my favorite programs to run just like I’m used to (my skill being vastly less adaptable to new programs and looks than his). However, I’m pleased to announce that he has me up and running and just last night instructed me on the finer points of posting once again.

However, during my web absence, life has gone on and now I have much to cover in order to catch up. So without further ado, here are our latest shenanigans!

Two weeks ago we learned about Noah’s Ark. I read the story each day and then we did an activity.

The first morning we had a brief rain just as the kids woke up so I rushed them out to use their umbrellas.

We did some artwork – mixing colors and painting “rainbows” and using rubber stamps to put animals on the Ark. Lance did the top pictures, Ivy the ones on the bottom.

Daddy brought home some packing foam and helped the kids “build an ark” hammering nails into the foam and pulling them back out. Lance loved this project.


One afternoon we used blocks to make cages for the animals, then we fed them and took them for walks. Here are Ivy’s animals – looks like one big party!

Lance’s animals were much more subdued….

Until Flora volunteered to help feed them. Too bad, those perfectly lined up walls were Lance’s pride and joy.

Over Labor Day weekend we visited Brian’s parents and they happened to have a cardboard box so we made it into an ark! The kids LOVED it and gathered all the stuffed animals to put inside. Lance took two little ones and make them talk, asking each other if they wanted to go into the ark – so cute!

We also got to visit the zoo the next week. Later that evening I was asking the kids to name the animals that went on the ark. Lance started listing all the ones we saw “lion go in the boat, chimpanzee go in the boat, elephant go in the boat…” when Ivy breaks in and asks “Lance and Ivy go in the boat?” It was really sweet.

Last Week: Baby Moses

We did weaving (mostly mommy did it) tried to draw an “M” with much coaching about connecting the dots, and then a picture of Moses with grass in front and a basket with a lifting lid – Lance thought that was pretty cool. Papers on right belong to Ivy, ones on left, Lance.

Worked the kids like slaves….

Took baby Moses to the water….

Launched his little basket….

And hid from the soldiers in the tall grass.

A fun, muddy time was had by all.


2 responses to “Life goes on….”

  1. Anne

    I want to come!!! This looks fun.

    Mommy, Lance cannot hammer and answer questions at the same time, you’ll just have to be patient.
    Thanks for the rainbow and ark pictures.

  2. Lori

    Ivy’s smile with her caged animals reminds me of Uncle Brian. I love the utter dejection on Lance’s face, babies can mess things up sooo bad!

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