A Big Rain

A true, Texas, crash-bang-boom thunderstorm rolled through our town on Monday.


Lance and I watched the rain pour down and talked about the very loud thunder, some of which sounded like it went off right above our heads!

After some particularly loud thunder I went to see if Ivy had woke up from her nap. Lance was still watching the rain through a window when suddenly the lights went out – he came shooting out of the room in search for me. He was very brave later and held the flashlight so we could see.


Since we had no lights we played on the porch, watching the rain and enjoying some water too.


When the storm abated we went out puddle stomping and found the king of puddles in the volleyball court!


Ivy discovered that water can hide uneven terrain. Lance found that rocks can only be thrown once but wood chips can be thrown and retrieved multiple times.

When everyone was cold we trooped inside for dry clothes then read books by the light of the window until Daddy came home. Having no electricity to cook, we went and got some pizza then crashed at a friend’s house until our lights came back on. What an adventure!


It rained a lot the next day, keeping us inside so mommy broke out the jumper for entertainment. I put Ivy in first and Lance kept saying “all done, Ivy?’” until I put him in. Lance liked it so much that he jumped until he fell asleep. I think I like that toy.

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