Story Time

Lance and Ivy love books. Whether looking at them by their self or listening to someone read to them, they love books. Lance likes books about trucks and cars but these bore Ivy. She prefers books about animals and will bring me the same book over and over.

Following the tradition of my childhood and the last two summers, we enrolled in the Library Summer Reading Program. So far we have finished almost half of the time required!


A new favorite is the weekly story time at the library. We sing, dance, count, listen and have a great time!

IMG_1756     IMG_1765

Each week has a theme that the stories and activities are centered around. The amount of movement involved makes it perfect for toddlers and I love seeing Lance watch the other kids for cues on what to do next.


Ivy enjoys the coloring at the end.

Here at home the repetition of reading is starting to pay off and Lance might put mommy out of a job as storyteller…..

…or maybe not.

If we are ever visiting you, and there’s a book around and an open lap – watch out! You could get drafted as the next story time.

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