Back Yard Bible Club

The Lord has seen fit to open up opportunities for us to “bloom where we are planted.” My children are making inroads just by being adorable.


Several kids have adopted Lance and Ivy as their after school entertainment, showing up at my door almost everyday. This has given me opportunity to talk with them and establish a friendship.


Lance loves to play with them – football practice, skateboarding, or a lesser favorite – being carried around by the girls. One girl has spent several afternoons in my apartment holding Ivy while I did stuff. At first I worried that they might get in trouble for going inside a strangers house, but as they talk about family I realize they aren’t growing up with the same rules and cautions that I did.


The other night I started the grill to cook hamburgers and my little friends started wishing they had marshmallows. I did, so they all ran to get forks and we had a grand cookout. I took the plunge and told them a Bible story. One girl knew Eve ate the poisoned apple but couldn’t remember who Adam was. Another boy had a Bible and got it to show me.  I’m pretty excited about all my new friends. You could pray for us.

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