Cow Appreciation Day

Our first official outing with Ivy was to the Irving Mall Chick-fil-a. Friday was Cow Appreciation Day and if you dressed like a cow you got free food – we thought that sounded fun! My Mom and I spent the morning cutting out black spots and making signs then carted everyone up to the mall.

  IMG_8583 IMG_8582

Lance was a sign board cow and made a big hit with the other patrons and passerby. We had several people come and ask if they could take a picture of him.


Here’s the whole family of cows, ready to “eat mor chikin!”

 IMG_8591 IMG_8593

Another of Lance by the big cow and Ivy with her costume and sign.

One response to “Cow Appreciation Day”

  1. jennifer

    I love it! Ya’ll look so cute. Why didn’t I think of that?

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