Mother’s Day

A little baby update in honor of  Mother’s Day.

I’m at 32 weeks – only 8 left to go! The Midwife checkup went well – all is normal. Baby is growing and moving around, I can now feel little body parts instead of a random bump. I’ve peeked into the world of herbs for a few discomforts. I’ve tried hard to stick to my no sugar campaign even for my birthday but finally caved and made some chocolate milk when Brian told me he’d eaten a brownie at work. :-)


Here I am with my two children. Mostly I figured you wanted to see a picture of my belly. :-)

It’s apparent you’re a parent:

I was standing in the checkout line at a store when a couple behind me noticed some pregnancy tests on the shelf next to us and started talking. After the guy suggested they get one, the girl said she didn’t need to know. Then, lowering her voice and pointing at me when she thought I wasn’t looking she told the guy “I’ll know I’m pregnant when I look like her.”
Guess it’s obvious now.

Sermon illustration:

A 7 year old reasoning on parenthood – How can you tell  if two people are married? “Well, it’s hard to know, you have to watch and see if they are yelling at the same kids.”

At Church:

“Oh, you’re starting to show now! That must mean you’re due tomorrow or something.” :-)

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