One year ago….

This is Brian, one year ago, off to his first day at the new job.

Two raises, one promotion and a lot of hard work later his job description has changed a little…

Actually, you might say Brian has received two promotions – one at work and one to being a dad.

Looking through pictures from last year I did find something that hasn’t changed,,,bathroom drawers.

All joking aside, a lot has happened in one year. Brian has done very well at his job and gained much valuable experience. I am constantly wowed when he comes home and explains what he’s done each day. I love watching the way his brain solves problems and seeing his constant readiness to take action on a solution. He loves doing a job the right way and doing it well – he takes the time to test and troubleshoots in order to turn out a project that benefits others. He is also constantly researching and expanding his knowledge in an effort to keep up with the changing technology. He’s always willing to help out his fellow workers and has proved himself a valuable employee.

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