My guys

My Dad (aka “Papa”) is here for a few days so I thought I’d take advantage of the extra help. :-)

(this picture was taken for Grammy’s benefit :-) )

Actually it was fun watching him with Lance and thinking of how he did this with each of us kiddos as we came along.  We did, however, use his visit to take a little impromptu date. God’s timing worked out perfect by having dad here to “watch Lance” while I accompanied Brian on a late night work project. We put Lance down for bed, went for a run while dad made some phone calls and watched a little bit of a movie with dad while we waited until it was time to go. About the time Dad was ready to settle down for the night, we headed out the door for the data center to swap out a switch. We read on the way there, did our work and were on the way back when we found we needed to do something else to help a coworker out so we went back and swapped out something else. All went well but it was past midnight when we were done and I was hungry. We completed our “date” at the McDonalds drive thru – ordering hamburgers and french fries at 1:00am! It was so much fun to go and work alongside my husband – holding things, screwing, switching cables, we’re a team.

Here are my two guys being silly before bedtime. Lance has taken to sticking his tongue out and making strange noises. It sure beats the gagging noises he learned how to make last week – talk about jumpy Mommy and false alarms!

I sure do love all my guys – it’s been fun having them all around.

One response to “My guys”

  1. Gammy & Gampy

    Hallelujah we got your note and rejoiced at the pictures. With the tongue Lance is practicing preaching, of course. Another hallelujah ha ha. Love ya’ll

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