Cahill Caller Times

Upon popular request, the Cahill Caller Times has published a special report regarding recent activities.

Invasion leaves Kitchen in Shambles

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Local residence pronounced disaster zone after entire contents of the kitchen was moved into the dining area in preparation for pest control spray.  Housewife moans “why do I keep my pantry so well stocked!” Despite best efforts on part of family and management an increasing population of roaches threatens to drive out residents. Future accommodation for the refugees is still unsure.

Developing News

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Lance Cahill (19 wks.) delighted his father by rolling over in his presence on Friday. Mother was cooking in the kitchen and missed the event and no amount of coaxing could bring on a repeat performance. However, two days later, the tumbling tot pleased his audience of two with four renditions in a row! While such feats bring praise and adoration during the day, youngster is puzzled when nightly performances are met with sleepy eyes and a pacifier.

Housing Inspection Committee finds Wide Range of Standards

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The Irving housing committee has been on the move recently. Inspections of apartments across town have yielded broad results but little progress. Standards have varied from dirty and sun-baked to small and beautifully landscaped. Some properties offer all bills paid  while others tempt the seeker with laundry service and personal trainers. “Recently renovated” has an alluring pull, offering new fixtures, carpet and paint. Pools are the one constant across all facilities. Price and amenities have yet to meet with inspectors desires.

Scrapbooking Duo

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“Answered prayer!” That’s how housewife Amy Cahill describes the recent discovery of a friendship connection. After inviting a couple over for Sunday lunch, Amy found a kindred spirit for her interest and a ‘date’ was set to pursue the joint hobby. Both women have young sons who enjoyed their play date – separately. Another meeting is scheduled for 10:00am tomorrow. Any wishing to join are welcome.


Lost: Canon PS2 – black, with shoulder strap, lens cover and pictures of cute baby. Last seen in the Henderson area. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx with information regarding it’s location.

Found: 1 penny on the sidewalk next to the gas station. Reward expected for return.

Missing: An hour of sleep

Found: Black camera with cute pictures. Arrangements for return can be made. Inquire: Nana’s house

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  1. Erin Tooley

    This is too cute! Hope you’ve had a great week– look forward to getting together again next week =)

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