Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

I’m now one quarter of a century! Sounds old. Amazing to look around and see the blessings God has added to my life: A wonderful husband, a sweet little boy, my own little place to keep, excellent health, and even a beautiful morning for jogging. Life is good.

Lance decided to celebrate by sleeping through the night last night! He also gave me some big smiles this morning – what a little charmer.

Friday night we had pizza, watched Narnia (so we’d be ready for the next release) and finished off with some Blue Bell ice cream! Brian had his favorite – Cookies and Cream, while I tried a new flavor – Mooo Tracks.

I got a new watch. I had been needing one because my old one kept losing time and throwing me off when I was trying to get somewhere on time.

My family called and sang to me this morning which really stared the day off great! We’re going to go visit them this weekend which is the best birthday present of all!

And now, one more picture of Lance :-)

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