Going home!!!

Lance came home from the hospital yesterday! We are soooo glad to be home as a family for the first time since he was born.

To give a brief update of the last several days, Lance was doing well and supposed to go home on Thursday. Wed. night they moved him from NICU to a regular room and the new monitors caused his vital signs to be misread and made him appear to relapse. This little incident put another 3 days onto our stay, and many other tests – all of which came out positive and proved that Lance was indeed a normal, healthy little boy – praise God!


Almost time to go! Amy was supposed to be recovering and not walking everywhere so she was assigned a wheelchair which Brian enjoyed pushing….


The nurse is taking off his IV after his last antibiotic – the last “line” to come off, making him totally ours!


Daddy gets Lance loaded in his car seat – we had to put it on the smallest setting.


Mommy is given her supply of milk. Since Lance was not allowed to eat the first few days, Amy got a head start and makes way more than he can eat! Brian has started to “moo” during feeding times.


We made it home yesterday evening. Brian was really sweet and unloaded everything, put things away and generally ran around being busy. I bathed Lance – which wasn’t his favorite activity – then Brian dressed him and played with him while I got ready. He fussed for a while at bedtime and Brian played dad again by holding him and finding his pacifier multiple times and keeping him quiet while I rested. We finally all settled down for the night and managed to get some sleep. We had a little play time this morning with Lance – he would scoot around on Brian’s chest and raise up his head. We both think he’s the cutest little thing in the world! Praise God for bringing us through the unexpected and for giving us a beautiful, perfect baby boy.

Thanks so much for your prayers while we were in the hospital. We are grateful to God for His healing hand on Lance’s lungs!

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