Park Night

Bekah and Sam are fleeing the metropolis for the quieter suburbs of Longview, leaving their dearest friends behind to fend for themselves. In one last desperate attempt to make them feel loved and wanted, Brian and I set up a park date with them. I chose a promising sounding park to investigate and planned a scrumptious dinner to grill. We met at the appointed time – or as soon as traffic would allow – and started the grill.

The park turned out to be more than we hoped, sporting one of the best playgrounds I’ve come across in my extended childhood:

Here we are, hanging out for the last time….

We made Brian try out this cool spinning thing – Brian didn’t think it was so great.

Sam takes Bekah for a spin!

Brian relaxes a bit to let his stomach settle before eating.

Our fajitas were ready by that time, so the guys rigged up a wind block while the girls finished meal prep. We all sat close to the grill, stuffed our faces and chatted. We never convinced them to stay, but we did have a good time together – one last fling. We’re gonna miss these two!

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