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We have internet at our place now!!! In celebration I called my family and talked for three and a half hours! (Hey, it had been a while and we needed o catch up, okay?)  To reward all of my faithful readers and commenters….I have a picture post about my time at the State Fair. For […]


Currently Reading Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife By Peggy Vincent see related


Today Brian and I ran in a race! It was just a 5K run but we had a great time doing it – it was fun just to be back in that atmosphere again. We didn’t win any great prizes – the overall winner had a time of 14:55! He was booking it! I’m afraid […]


Okay, I finally pulled the pictures off of Brian’s phone and put them on my computer and now have actually sat down to make up a post with them!   First off, Brian’s department is in the middle of moving from one building to another. But I did get to see his temporary office last […]


                                Tadpole: Well, here’s the kiddo! Maybe you can make out a profile of a baby sucking it’s thumb.    A really kind lady that we met at a church we were trying out on Wed. knew a friend of ours and in the course of the conversation […]

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