What a day, running 10 miles with Stacie and Crystal this morning, two hours of soccer this afternoon. I hope I stay awake at the session tonight :)

Crystal made an interesting comment while we were stretching after the run today; “I wonder how people who don’t believe in God ever make it running!” This was made because during the run we were memorizing the verses for this week and every time it got to where we were getting tired we would quote them. The work of bringing them up to memory took our mind off our tired body until the “crisis” passed. (running is very much a mental challenge – you try going for over an hour and a half without getting bored).

I really like running because I am a Christian. I go out and get to pray and work through things with God. Some how all troubles and frustrations seem to fade in importance and a calm comes over my soul by the end of the run. (a calm comes over my body too :) I also get a chance to practice relying on God to help me when I think I’m too tired or that I can’t make it (not every day is a good day). Lastly He is the glory of my run – every part of me works in harmony with the way he has made us, it is by His might and His power that I run, I step back and praise Him for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Hence “why and how do people run without God?”

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