Life for the little guys

Life with little guys has many adventures. Here are some random happenings in the life of our two youngest:


Garrison and Ryder love going to a weekly class at Aunt Katie’s house. They are doing a unit on weather right now. Here Garrison experiments with wind power, blowing a ping pong ball along a path.


Being on the younger side of the family has it’s perks – it means you get to sit in Grammy’s lap when she reads a story to the cousins.


When the big kids learn about horses in science, you get to come along for the ride too!


Watching alligator wrestling for their reptile unit was a bit more intense.


An afternoon at the children’s museum brought loads of fun, enjoying the train table built by his Uncle.


This little guy likes trains too! Polarized magnets take a while to figure out. When he first started playing with trains, Ryder would try to hook the cars together. If the magnets repelled each other, he would toss that car aside and try another. Later he figured out how to turn it around so that every car ‘worked!’IMG_2978

For Ryder, children’s museum fun came in the form of loading as much as possible in his cart.


It’s always fun to watch a little one enjoy a new experience. Never mind we live on a farm with plenty of animals – Ryder was fascinated with the ducks and thought it quite funny when they ate the bread he threw. Ahh, timeless activities.


But his real love is for big machines! Our neighbor happily had a track hoe sitting in his yard for a few weeks. Ryder talked about it all the time and we would go and sit on it sometimes. One day he heard it in use and took the opportunity to go and watch.


He also preferred watching construction near the playground over playing on the equipment. His fascination is such that one day I took the route home that was under construction. I may have had to wait a bit, but his excitement was worth it.

That’s our two little guys for now!

4 responses to “Life for the little guys”

  1. Jack Paslay

    Liked the part about the magnetized train cars…a good learning experience.

  2. Lori Cook

    So cute!

  3. anne jones

    They are getting to a fun age!

  4. Papa

    How blessed your children are to have you as their mom.

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