Easter week activities

With the coming celebration on the Resurrection, we took time this week to do some activities with the kids each day.

Palm Sunday:

Brian’s mom had given us these nifty little “magic pencil” coloring books on the Easter story so we did those with each day’s story. It was hard to keep them from coloring more than one page!

Jesus cleansing the Temple:

Reading the Biblical account was followed by reenactment outside. (This was good because the kids were very energetic that morning!)

We had a snack of chocolate coins to remind us of the money changers at the temple.

We also started making a poster of what happened each day.

Next was Jesus teaching daily in the temple. In one of the Gospels he tells the story of the Vineyard owner with the hired workers who won’t give him his due and finally kill his son. We acted out that story and ate grapes as a snack.

Spy Wednesday

Again we read the account from the Bible, this time of Judas going to the High Priests and agreeing to betray Jesus. We read all the various “scenes” with Judas then acted it out and made a video.


This time the snack was a chocolate kiss to remind us that Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.


Foot washing

Last Supper

And snack was – of course – grape juice and crackers.

Good Friday:

Worked some more on our poster.

It happened that the cooperation/behavior of the kids this day was a perfect lead in to why Jesus gave his life. We wrote our sin and then nailed it to the cross. Then with the idea of Micah 7:19 we through the cross with our sin into the depths of the sea (or pond in this case).

Finished off with a crown of thorns snack (cookie with pretzels on top).

Saturday: Jesus was in the tomb and not much happened. Good thing because at our place we had a work day and not much happened on our Easter study either.

Resurrection Sunday!!!

Wake up to Hot Cross Buns!

Beautiful flower bouquet from our garden.

Brian made up the “empty tomb” game – you looked under each cup and if there was nothing under it, you won a chocolate chip! Played that about a dozen times until everyone had a chocolate chip.

Finished up with a scavenger hunt, getting items that related to various parts of the whole week.

Thanks for reading! Many ideas came from others who have shared on their blogs. What fun to try new things with my children. I hoped to do something that would stick in their minds and already they are asking about if we will do this or that next year – and so traditions start.

May you find the blessing of new life in Christ!!!

4 responses to “Easter week activities”

  1. Lori Cook

    Heidi didn’t tell me that she was part of a movie! Looks like some good lessons.

  2. Anne Jones

    This looks great! What a fun and meaningful week!

  3. Stacie Graber

    My boys loved it. Looks like we are doing a bunch of cousin videos this year. Great work!

  4. Jennifer

    Wow! Looked like a fun week!

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