Flower pictures

Well, here we are, enjoying spring time and the flowers that come with the season. The morning was overcast so I thought we would gather ourselves together and take a few pictures.

pic 079

Well, apparently it takes awhile to gather ourselves and it was sunny by the time we arrived at a bluebonnet patch. The kids were good troopers though and managed to pose a decent shot.

pic 115


pic 101 


pic 127

Flora – my little flower.

We then went shopping and were headed home when I passed another spot with better flowers and by that time the sky was party cloudy so I decided to try again.

pic 137


pic 139


It was lunchtime and we had after shopping attitudes, but bribed with marshmallows, and coached by Aunt Katie we managed another few group shots.

pic 173

Waiting in the shade for a cloud to cover the sun.

pic 153


pic 180 

My little clan.

So there you have it folks, yearly tradition checked off the list!

6 responses to “Flower pictures”

  1. Lori

    That first picture is amazing! They all look great!

  2. anne jones


  3. Laura Pierce

    So cute!

  4. Stacie

    You are a blessed woman!

  5. Jack Paslay

    They out-do the flowers.

  6. Carol Frazer

    Beautiful photos of your precious blessings!

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