A post

Brian is out roasting s’mores with all the kids so I thought I would take advantage of the quiet and put up a post…..

…as if on cue, the baby starts crying….

pics 240

…maybe we can do this together….

pics 256

…20 min later, starting to settle down…..

Okay, a few quick pictures – our first day at a homeschool co-op.

pics 082

Here we are, dressed, fed and we even arrived a bit early. We picked up cousin Jenny too.

pics 084

Little girls did a phonics/reading class and art.

pics 083

Older two did anatomy, making a digestive system with playdough.

I sat in the nursery, fed the baby and talked with another mom. Was strange and nice to do something where I didn’t have to prepare anything!

And just for fun,  here’s a video of some sweet sisters!

4 responses to “A post”

  1. Katie

    Co-ops are so nice! I am glad you got in a good one.
    Was Eden trying to sing rock-a-by-baby in the tree tops? So CUTE!!!!!

  2. Anne

    She’s growing up in a home full of love!

  3. Stacie

    Digestive system out of playdough. I’ll have to remember that…

  4. Jack Paslay

    Bet Eden likes no longer to be low gal on the totem pole.

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