Bible Times!

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We just finished reading through Exodus and thought you would enjoy seeing a few things we did along the 007

Making bricks out of mud.

pics 009

See how many!?

pics 011

Ivy plays task master with the whip.

pics 004

Gathering “manna” in the wilderness. (oyster crackers) They thought this great fun!

pics 005

Lance remembered that those who saved theirs to the next day got worms in it! Our fuzzy caterpillar pet played the part beautifully.

Then, as a celebration for finishing the book, we set up a tabernacle…of sorts.

pics 043

It had blue, purple, scarlet and “fine twined linen” along with badger skin and ram’s skin dyed red.

pics 027

Inside was the table with the Shew bread, candlesticks…

pics 029

…and the Ark of the Covenant with manna, Ten Commandments and Aaron’s rod.

 pics 026\

The priests were consecrated with “blood” on the right ear lobe, right thumb and right big toe.

pics 034

The laver with water for washing (a big hit with the babies)

pics 033

And the alter with a perfect lamb for a sacrifice.


A walk through with the children.

And just for extra – here is my final set of verses for Romans chapter 1. Just a video of the kittens and chickens as I quote God’s word. I’m so ready to switch focus from sin to redemption as I start on chapter 8!

2 responses to “Bible Times!”

  1. Lori

    It’s neat to see what your kids remember about the details of the tabernacle.

  2. Jack Paslay

    You had some cute ideas. I liked the manna.

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