Moving day

This post is being written from our new home! This might come as a surprise to you, seeing as my last post had us no where close to moving. However, with much work to do, computer time got less and less – though I do have pictures! So now I’ll give you the “after” pictures and hopefully come back to the “before” photos another time.

pics 240

Our moving day began with rolls of carpet, ready to be installed! My parents decided to take advantage of having the carpet people close by and get their carpet re-stretched on the same day. As the men worked on our house, my parents house was thrown into an uproar of boxes and furniture and everything from closets and under beds.

Since all our stuff had to be moved anyway, we decided to just take it all the way next door and move in a day early! I madly rushed around town trying to get some basic supplies (like soap and toilet paper) along with other house building errands.

pics 284

The kids were bathed, put in footie pajamas and enjoyed a few puzzles on the soft new carpet.

pics 285

Slumber party in Lance’s room! Tomorrow everything else would be moving in!!

pics 292

Saturday morning we started hauling all our stuff from the storage shed in the barn, over to our house.

pics 293

We had a whole crew to help!

pics 303

Most of it went in the workroom to be unpacked at a later date.

pics 296

Brian’s parents arrived with a bed for Lance! This is the bunk that Brian used as a kid.

pics 288

The girls take a snack break in the dishwasher hole.

pics 295

Our “Great Wall” of boxes from the apartment has turned into the “leaning tower”!

pics 301

The kitchen is arranged for basic functioning until I finish the cabinets and the counter tops are in – it will sort of be like camping, only with a roof!

pics 304

First meal in the new house! Sunday morning breakfast. I made eggs (fresh from the barn!) and canned biscuits.

pics 306

I washed dishes in the bathtub while Brian worked to make the sink functional. The rest of the morning was spent acting out the story of Joseph (three times, so each kid could be Joseph) singing and playing instruments, continuing to organize stuff, defrosting the freezer before we move it in, and menu planning crock pot meals. It’s been so nice and relaxing to be a little family again. Thanks to all who helped get us here!

3 responses to “Moving day”

  1. jennifer parsons

    awesome the house is sooooo cute. now I need to come and visit.

  2. Carol

    WOW! and praise God!!!!

  3. Jack Paslay

    I’m happy for you. You’ve worked so hard.

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