What’s up?

Our roof!

house 783

Trusses were delivered in a big stack – that almost didn’t make it off the truck. Several hours, a broken hydraulic line and a backhoe later, everything was unloaded.

house 821

Each truss was carried from the pile, up the ramp and onto the house.

house 791

Then cranked up manually with a duct lift. David did most of the cranking and must have had some kind of muscle by the end. I cranked up just two and was sore the next day.

house 828

Once they were on top of the walls, each truss was drug into place and attached to the one before.

pics 067

Here all the trusses are in place and boards are laid across the top, ready for the roof!

pics 037

I love the way the sunlight plays through the boards, leaving spots and shadows across the floors and walls.

pics 038

And this is the overhang for our back porch. We stained the ends using a roller and a long extension handle – took me all day!

3 responses to “What’s up?”

  1. Lori

    Twas a blogging kind of day yesterday ;) There really has been a lot of progress since then.

  2. jennifer parsons

    love the progress of the house; I can’t wait to come see it

  3. Jack Paslay

    I too, love that picture of the sun playing thru the boards. Very striking.

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