On this episode of DIY house building, we will discuss flooring!

 house 440

First the beams are built. 2×8 boards are placed on end along the piers.

house 546

Another 2×8 is placed alongside and bolts are inserted into pre-drilled holes by our expert craftsmen.

house 547

Each bolt is tapped securely inside the hole…

house 551

…and the nut is tightened.

    house 539

On top of those beams, floor joists are centered every 16 inches.

house 562

Next up is the decking. To prevent squeaking, extra care was put into this process too.

house 569

Liquid nails was applied to each joist….

house 631

then a sheet of decking was carefully laid and tapped snug against its neighbor…

house 567  

…and about 20 screws were used to secure and tighten it down.

  house 662

Brian went on the hunt for places that were missed, managed to find one squeak and put in a few more screws for good measure.

house 593 

Hooray! The floor is done!!

house 597

What a great surface for riding toys! Let the fun begin!!

house 602

Just posing

house 622   

People of all sizes enjoy the new floor!

house 446

Meanwhile Eden is practicing so she can sweep it when we move in!

2 responses to “Floored”

  1. Jack Paslay

    It’s going up real fast. Must be because of all the help you have.

  2. Anne

    All I can say is Uncle Michael sure is nice!!!

    Well, I could also say that it’s good Eden’s learning to sweep since she is one of 4 main reasons we do so much sweeping.

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