Not your typical job site

  The main reason we’re building this house is so we will have room for all these kids that have appeared over the years. It stands to reason that, if you are building a house for kids, you might expect to see a few around…

house 436

They show up in droves – usually after breakfast. house 005

They are good at digging…

house 177

…and a whole group of them can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.

house 122

Some just supervise quietly

house 249

While others require constant supervision.

house 175

The rest need a total containment system.

Hitch hiking seems to be second nature:

house 072

house 236

house 227

house 226

Or maybe this is just the best way to make sure no one gets run over.

house 424

They distract the workers

house 426

and get all the credit for work done.

house 400

They are also good at finding artifacts.

house 386

In their world, everything is fun – Daddy is making mud pies? Can we help?

And with every outdoor project, there has to be a grub worm:

house 030 

house 397     

house 222   

house 402 

house 371

Good thing we have some water nearby!

2 responses to “Not your typical job site”

  1. Lori

    Jenny says “Baby Edah’s dirty”

  2. Carol

    I am SO impressed that ya’ll are building your own home. At least you will know that it was built well and know who to contact if something should go wrong after you move in. :) And, it will probably be built faster than hiring someone to do it….at least that was our case. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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