A new phase of life

Look at this!

house 009

What is this, you might ask? Well, it’s the site of our long awaited house. May not look much like a house now, but we’ve a few experts on the job that should have it up and livable in no time! Let me introduce the crew:

house 002

First up is Flora the water bearer, bringer (and eater) of all good things.

house 018

Ivy, the ever-ready. Always in the thick of things, Ivy makes sure anything remotely fun is well attended. Currently she logs almost as many hours on the backhoe as her daddy.

house 011

Lance the naturalist. His job is to make sure the fire doesn’t get too big, the mushrooms are not run over by the big equipment and that all the little tress are transplanted with care.

house 080

Oh yes, the crew also includes one hard working young man, eager to settle his family.

house 081

And the crew chief, a wise man full of experience who is more than ready to help anyone out – esp. if they are living in his house :-)

house 088

After knocking down trees (and replanting some). The next step is to put in the septic system. All weekend we grubbed in the dirt and had a glorious time –

house 094

at least some of the crew did.

house 095

Trenches were dug,

house 098

and leveled.

house 125

pipes were put in, piece by piece

house 112

And the ground crew filled it back in with dirt

house 101

Until all was up to par and ready for the inspector!

5 responses to “A new phase of life”

  1. Catherine

    So happy for you guys! Good thing Brian saved those BDU’s!!! Love seeing the kiddos working hard together and getting dirty! See you soon!

  2. Jack Paslay

    Looks like your kids are going to take to the country life real well.

  3. Anne

    You make everything seem like lots of fun!

  4. Lori

    Eden is actually kind of clean in that picture…

  5. jennifer parsons

    Love the story!! cute pictures of the kids. can’t wait to see your house being build.

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