Fun on the Farm

My offspring have been more than enjoying all the benefits of having a large yard. Not only are there swings, forts and the sandbox, but all sorts of moving creatures besides themselves.


Frogs have been in abundance this year, much to Lance’s delight! They come in all sizes and are nice and soft to hold. He has learned the life cycle of a frog and keeps asking for containers to hold his pets (which we mercifully release at night).


The cat was kind enough to have a litter of kittens shortly after our arrival. The cats are Ivy’s special animal. She carries the older ones around like big rag dolls and loves making “houses” for the little ones.

photo 1 (2)

Flora loves anything that moves and breathes. Here she enjoys the chicks that we hatched out. Lance was the one with enough patience to watch the actual hatching but Flora has the energy and fun to catch the little things now that they are out of the shell.


The babies just enjoy feeling and watching, taking in new things. Eden¬†acquaints¬†herself with a kitten….


….while Greg explores in the chick pen.


The newest addition is Katie’s puppy, Ember. So far the pup has turned out a good fit – no chewing, no barking, no jumping or mouthing the little ones. She is a gentle, cautious girl that has excellent potential as a family dog.

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  1. Lori

    We explored birds yesterday since we don’t have a cat yet.

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