Packing up

The countdown began on Friday when we left the big kids at Nana’s and stayed up late to get seemingly way too many boxes from WalMart.

pictures 007

Saturday brought chaos to the apartment as we tore down and packed up.

pictures 009

Eden enjoyed being a part of this experience. We listened to a lot of music on Pandora while we worked. At one point Brian picked up his baby daughter and started dancing with her, brining out a huge grin and a chuckle.

  pictures 010

Boxes start to pile up – one stack for long term storage…

pictures 011 

One pile to unpack right away.

pictures 013

Eden tries to scoot into a box to make sure she isn’t left behind!

pictures 015

The stacks grow bigger! Amazingly we’ve used most of the boxes we collected.

pictures 017

Eden tires of packing and enjoys a book that missed its box. I have a feeling the last box we pack up will be labeled “misc.”

Tomorrow we load the truck and head off to our new adventure!!

2 responses to “Packing up”

  1. Anne

    Only one box marked misc.? I’m very impressed! See you soon.

  2. Lori

    I also wonder how many trash bags you filled. I’m sure you’ve been purging stuff lately.

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