Yes, I know it’s been a while since these pictures happened, but we had such fun I wanted to share it. This post will be a bit long, but I’m trying to play catch up so bear with me. Thanks!


We did a mix of activities. The lighthearted and fun (albeit very messy) egg dying was quite a hit. Ivy and Flora were quite artistic with the sponges. However, the dye for sponge painting was quite a bit stronger then that of the egg dunking.


Flora came out looking like an Easter egg herself!


Lance preferred the dunking method (perhaps he had more patience?) and stuck with the green dye the entire time.


Apparently this dye is pretty strong too under prolonged contact. Lance shows us his “scary” hands! This coloring remained for several days.


We also enjoyed an egg hunt at a nearby church. Ivy was the first to figure out what was inside the eggs.


Lance was much more selective in his hunting and found the bigger ones to be to his liking.


Here’s the happy hunters! We thought we would miss the hunt due to Eden’s birth but since she came early we were able to enjoy the festivities.


In the weeks preceding Easter we did little projects that corresponded with the Resurrection eggs. Brian read a book each evening that followed the events of the Easter story as seen by a little boy and also went along with the Resurrection eggs. The kids loved it!


Using a dice to count and cross off palm branches for the triumphal entry. (minimal success with the counting)


We also played with 30 pieces of sliver (pennies). Several weeks later we over heard Ivy say excitedly to Lance “Judas, you want to betray Jesus?! And Lance responded with an enthusiastic “yes!”


Made a crown of thorns with playdough and toothpicks. The kids enjoyed putting this on my head and talked about crucifying me. This had me somewhat worried about teaching such awful truths at such a young age. Reading this post encouraged me that God picked the elements of the story and I’m just responsible to pass it on.


To illustrate how sin makes us yucky I taped clear wrap over a picture of a girl and boy. Each child scribbled “yucky” colors over their person as we talked about bad things we had done.


Using a rag dipped in water dyed red, we let the blood of Jesus wash our sins away.


This activity was very fun and repeated many times. Not sure if that was theologically correct put I hear repetition drives home a point. :-)


We made these cute little resurrection rolls. A marshmallow represented Jesus and they rolled it in butter and cinnamon (oil and spices) then wrapped in a crescent roll (sealing it in the tomb).


The rolls were baked and when Ivy bit into hers she discovered that the marshmallow was gone!


We also had a cross cake (tradition from my family) and if you have cake, you might as well have candles, right?

Our last learning experience was an “Easter Path” put up by a nearby church. This had different stations with activities to do as a family. We’ve done this before and really enjoyed the experience.(sorry about photo quality, they were taken on Brian’s phone)


Waving palm branches and expressing thanks.


Daddy washing feet.


Nailing our sins on the cross.


In the tomb.


Pinning a flower on the empty cross – Jesus is alive!

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  1. Lori

    Wow, you definitely managed more Easter activities than we did. I decided that we weren’t ready to dye eggs just yet.

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