Due to business and mommy being to tired to do anything some days, this unit stretched over two weeks instead of the original half week as planned. We still managed to do some fun stuff though.


We read a book about our eyes each day. Here Ivy checks out her eye color and finds her pupil. We also looked at our reflections in mirrors and any other shiny surface in the house. It’s so cute to hear the kids use words like “fwection” and “iris” or tell me that “something is in my eye” just like what happens in the book we read.


I found a cute binocular project online. Mostly I made them, but the kids enjoyed looking through them.


To justify the time I spent making them, we went on a “binocular walk” – the kids would “see” something through their binoculars, we’d then go over to that item and look for something else from there.


Flora liked using hers as a trumpet.


We tried out different types of eyewear. Lance models the goggles.


Ivy sees the world in a new color.


Flora styles the pipe cleaner glasses. She especially enjoyed being held up to the mirror so she could see her new face wear.


The older kids played a game of visual memory. Three items on a piece of paper, they would close their eyes and I would take one away. Then they had to tell me what was missing. They both did pretty good at this.


We read the story of Jesus healing the blind man. Then I put blindfolds on them and we talked about what it was like to not see. We used our other senses to experience the world, then they were “healed” and took the blindfolds off. They were able to see things they would have missed, like the color of the building, or a little puppy running around. Lance retold the story several times.

This is the verse they memorized for the senses of taste and sight. It’s Psalm 34:8 if you can’t quite understand what they say.

O taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.

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