Our senses – Tasting

A trip to the Dentist inspired a new topic of learning – teeth and tasting. I ran to the library the morning of our appointment to find a book on dentists and prepare the kids.


Lance bravely takes his place in the dentist chair – showing off his brushing job.


The dentist examines his teeth – no cavities! All three kids checked out and did very well for their first experience. Mom and Dad passed with flying colors as well. The hit of the visit was when the kids were given helium balloons – such big smiles!


Tried a math game of rolling a die then putting the number of teeth into the mouth. The kids adored the activity (and the marshmallows) but the counting part sort of went over their heads. Lance points to his “incisors.”


I printed off a teeth brushing chart. This is a big hit, though Lance didn’t want to put the stickers in the circles for some reason. The extra stickers on Ivy’s chart are from Flora, who of course wants to be a part of anything the big kids do.


We also studied the sense of taste. They learned about the four types of taste – here Lance goes for a drink after trying the “bitter” cocoa powder.


Ivy eats a salty chip.


Lance puckers over a sour lemon. He must have been hungry because he tried to eat the whole thing, peel and all! They enjoyed a candy heart for the sweet category.


Flora participates in our mouth study by learning how to use a spoon.


Found this cute idea online – the kids “brush” the tooth with paint until it’s “all clean” (totally white). Ivy really showed determination and stuck with the task until her tooth was shiny.


Lance decided to use his teeth…


And we finish the post with a nice toothy smile from Flora – she really loves her tooth brush!

5 responses to “Our senses – Tasting”

  1. Lori

    Jenny loves her toothbrush too. She’s even tried putting deodorant on it several times, since she doesn’t know which toothpaste is hers.

  2. Anne

    Flora’s shirt says it all.

    I think if you keep doing projects with miniature marshmallows, you’ll have to take another trip to the dentist.

  3. Stacie

    I love Lance’s face with the lemon. You do such cute activities with the kids. Thanks for all the work you do to put these posts together. I love reading them.

  4. Alicia Jones

    Reminds me of a song we learned as kids: “Brush, brush, brush, don’t be in a rush. After every meal is through, even if you have the flu, take the time, clean off the slime, and let your pearlies shine!”

  5. Catherine Overby

    Great ideas! I think I will borrow some! I like the counting and using marshmallows for teeth and the painting the tooth white idea. Very cute!

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